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About KeepingFlight

KeepingFlight is your new Aviation Consultancy partner based in St. Albans, Hertfordshire. KeepingFlight can help you with all your aviation asset management, maintainance and technical services.
KeepingFlight, as our name suggests, is an Aircraft Engineering Consultancy specialising in keeping you flying by being able to provide you with an aircraft, ensure the compliance managing the asset and keep them flying by providing maintenance and technical support.
KeepingFlight has experience in Aircraft Engineering of a large variety of aircraft and engine types. An aircraft is an asset and assets require safeguarding. Our team has extensive experience and knowledge working within worldwide aviation regulations and working with a range of aviation companies and operators in both the private and public sectors.
KeepingFlight can assist with and support / manage the Acquisition, Entry Into Service, Operation and Maintenance, complete audits on the airframe and equipment for either the Lessor / Lessee / Owner / Operator and through to end of leasing the aircraft and finally disposal ensuring all is compliant throughout.

Business Jets

KeepingFlight can manage, maintain and audit your business jets.

Customer Aircraft

We are able to fully manage all types of Airbus, Boeing and Embraer Aircraft types.

General Aircraft

In addition to the above, we can manage most aircraft from the Cessna Family to Beechcraft Family.

Services we offer


Asset Management

KeepingFlight can offer the required knowledge, technical experience and expertise to MRO's, manufacturers, airlines and private operators, repair stations and leasing companies to carry out or assist with the following services listed below. We have an extensive experience in the management of your aircraft. We can find an aircraft, both Private and Commercial suitable for your operation or an aircraft you specify for the following situation:

  • ACMI dry lease
  • ACMI Wet lease
  • Full Aircraft Lease
  • Manage Annex 6 leases
  • Full purchase of an aircraft.

Keeping Flight can source, establish and negotiate a competitive contract for the following aircraft maintenance requirements:

  • MRO, (Maintenance, Repair & Overhaul,) Organisations
  • CAMO support
  • Line Maintenance
  • Heavy / Base Maintenance
  • SGHA
  • Ad-Hoc Maintenance Tasks
  • AOG Recovery

The sourcing of the support organisation will ensure the company is fully qualified and approved to fulfill that specific maintenance function on the specific aircraft / engine type.


Keeping Flight has a great deal of knowledge and experience in carrying out and managing aircraft accidents / incident investigations and aircraft AOG Recovery / salvage.
Please review our capabilities in the list below and how we can be of assistance to you.

  • Aircraft Maintenance Consultants
  • Aircraft Accident / Incident Investigations
  • Aircraft AOG Recovery / Salvage Management
  • Industrial / Commercial Instructor
  • Compass Adjustment Compensation
  • Aircraft Line & Base Maintenance Management Advisors
  • Review Maintenance Input Work Packages
  • Source appropriately qualified and approved Line Maintenance Support
  • Source appropriately qualified and approved Heavy Maintenance Support
  • Source appropriately qualified and approved CAMO Support
  • Negotiate and establish contracts for all kinds of CAMO & Maintenance Support.
  • Review Maintenance Contract Invoices to ensure accuracy

Recent Projects

Some of KeepingFlights recent projects and information is below.

Test Flights
Test Flights

Do you require aircraft quickly? Contact us now!

Aircraft Sales

Currently we are selling the following aircraft in partnership with Private Airlines. Click on the aircraft for which you are interested, then for the PDF Specification Document, please enter your email address and contact number. We will then contact you to assist with your enquiry. For any queries, please use our help page.

Technical Services

KeepingFlight can provide a full Technical Services Support and advice on all technical service functions for a single aircraft or fleet operator. Technical Services is the full back office engineering support function. (EASA – Pt. M.) Pease review the service we can provide from the list below from general set up to continued operations through to writing procedures / processes and carrying out compliance reviews.

  • Maintenance Support & Technical Services
  • Regulation Compliance Review
  • CAME Preparation, Review and Authors
  • MOE Preparation, Review and Authors
  • Maintenance Procedures Technical Authors
  • Preparation and submission review for EASA Pt. M Approvals
  • Preparation and submission review for EASA Pt. 145 Approvals
  • Preparation and submission review for EASA Pt. 147 Approvals
  • Safety Management System Advisors and Procedural Authors
  • Airworthiness Advisors
  • Aircraft Technical Services Department Advisors
  • Technical Record Advisors
  • Quality System Auditors
  • Aircraft Record Review's (See Asset Management Page) Record reviews for:
    • AD / SB Status
    • Mod Status
    • Maintenance Program Review and Status
    • Back To Birth Record Review for Landing Gear and Engines
    • Log Book Review

For the auditing, preparation and review services, we can produce reports in the format requested by the current owner / operator. Alternatively use Keeping Flight produced reports which will give detailed feedback and recommendations on the audit and status with respect to the local Civil Aviation Authority regulations and / or EASA / FAA regulatory requirements.
For the Technical Publication and Procedural Author services, we will review the current status, make recommendations and produce the required document in the format requested by the owner / operator and ensure compliance with the local Civil Aviation Authority regulations and / or EASA / FAA regulatory requirements.

Video Section

David, our media manager, has been creating some videos for the home welcome page. Some existing ones can be seen here.

About this Video

The video has been shot out of a Boeing 777-300 on its take off from Tokyo Narita Airport. We are planning on adding alot more interesting videos to the site. So stay tuned.

Aircraft Auditing

We can provide a full audit of your aircraft and provide you with all the information you need.


KeepingFlight Team

The team behind KeepingFlight is a very strong team, and is constantly here ready for your aviation needs and requirements.


Martin Keeping

Founder & CEO

Laura Keeping

Founder & CEO

David Spalton

Website/Media Manager

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