KeepingFlight add Company Vehicle

David News May 10, 2014

KeepingFlight are pleased to showcase our new branding on the KeepingFLight car. Seen here with Isla giving it the Big Thumbs UP!

KeepingFlight Launch New Website

David News May 09, 2014

KeepingFlight are pleased to announce that we have launched our new website, which you can now see live on KeepingFlight.com. The new site is the start of some amazing showcasing of the work that KeepingFlight Aviation Asset Manangement do ona daily basis. David, our media manager, is going to be adding lots of photos, edited inflight videos and lots more shortly.

Video Sample

David Videos May 09, 2014

We will shortly be adding alot more videos like the ones above showing you exactly what KeepingFlight do.